ueber mich

About Me / CV

Mother of three children

Education/Lecturing Activities

Secondary school completion followed by university: visual communications (graphic design) at the U5 in Munich

3 years art therapy training at the Forum für Analytische und Klinische Kunsttherapie, A.K.T. (Forum for Analytical and Clinical Art Therapy), Munich

Since 2006: practice of psychotherapy according to the German Alternative Medicine Act (HPG)

Since 2009: lecturer at the Forum für Analytische und Klinische Kunsttherapie, A.K.T. (Forum for Analytical and Clinical Art Therapy), Munich

2 years study in trauma therapy focusing on the KReST-Modell (body, resource and system-orientated trauma therapy by Lutz Besser) at the Zentrum für Psychotraumatologie und Traumatherapie Niedersachsen (Centre for Psychotraumatology and Trauma Therapy in Lower Saxony)

2012-2013: training in Bindungspsychotherapie (psychotherapy for a secure attachment between parents and child by Dr. med. Karl Heinz Brisch), secure attachment based counselling and therapy, Munich

2015-2016: training in Brainspotting (Thomas Weber, David Grand)

Art Therapist

Since 1993: creativity fostering in children and young adults

Internship as an art therapist in in rehabilitation for sufferers of heart and vascular diseases, Bad Wörishofen

2005-2008: workshop for art therapy and creativity fostering, Landsberg am Lech

Since 2010: art therapist in two refuge shelters for adolescent girls, Munich

Since 2012: Studio for Art Therapy, Fostering Creativity, and Trauma Therapy, Munich

Since 2015: in charge of groups at the Trauma Hilfe Zentrum München (Munich Trauma Centre), which seek stabilisation through art therapy


Graphic designer

Since 1993: freelance artist with numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad (Munich, Berlin, Innsbruck, New York, etc.)

Founding member of the group of artists CURAC

1993-1996: studio in Schondorf am Ammersee

1996-2008: studio in Landsberg am Lech

Since 2008: studio in Munich

Since 2016: member of the KünstlerSpectrum Pasing e.V. (a forum for artists in the west of Munich and surrounding area)


Member of the VFP
(Verband freier Psychotherapeuten,
Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie
und psychologischer Berater e.V.)



Member of the DFKGT
(Deutscher Fachverband für Kunst- und Gestaltungstherapie)


Initiative Traumanetzwerk

Member of Initiative Traumanetzwerk

Working towards the official acknowledgment of trauma therapist and trauma specialists that are not in possession of official accreditation


Kunsttherapie-Netzwerk München

Member of Kunsttherapie-Netzwerk München

A registered association for art therapists that work with children and young adults