Art therapy

Creative expression is a basic human need. The creative process helps to eliminate blockades, mobilise forces, and broaden horizons, thereby overcoming mental suffering.

Art therapy for:

Artistic activities offer new opportunities for communication, and encounters with oneself and others.

Art therapy opens up new ways for personal development and of relating to oneself, leading to a deeper understanding of one’s own personality. New perspectives and courses of action become possible.

Creative freedom counteracts feelings of helplessness and, initially removed from the pressures of the real world, encourages an active and self-determined approach to life.

A mindful environment facilitates the growth process. Long forgotten resources become accessible again and inner healing powers are stimulated. Creating art using colours, shapes and different artistic techniques and materials leads to the visualisation of mental images.

Within a protected space and without any performance pressure, art therapy offers an opportunity for uncensored expression of everything including the unspeakable.

This visual imagery creates a new and deeper level of communication, which plays an important role in overcoming mental suffering.


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