The first session is free of charge. Duration: 60 minutes

Individual session: 90 mins / €100 including cost of materials
Group sessions: see information on each group session | Go to the list of group sessions »

Fees to cover any services on offer at KunstVoll studio for art therapy must be paid by the individual.

In some cases health insurance providers will cover treatment costs. Please ask your health insurance provider for further information.

Some supplemental health insurance plans as well as some private health insurance providers will cover the costs of outpatient art therapy.

Since the 1st of May 2013 victims of child sexual abuse by a family member can, among other things, claim reimbursement for psychotherapy. For more information, see: www.fonds-missbrauch.de

Should you be unable to attend an appointment, please cancel in good time. Appointments can be cancelled or rearranged at no further cost for up to 48 hours before the agreed time. Any cancellation or rearrangement within less than 48 hours of the agreed time will be charged at 50% of the relevant fee. Any no show without pre-cancellation within 48 hours of the relevant appointment will be charged at full fee.

Conditions of participation / Group sessions »

All sessions are confidential.

Information about the licence to practice naturopathic healing within the boundaries of psychotherapy

As a practitioner for psychotherapy I am in possession of a state approved licence to practice naturopathic healing within the boundaries of psychotherapy as per the relevant statute for the practice of naturopathy. A licence to practice psychotherapy within the realm of naturopathy is gained via successful completion of an examination by medical officers of the responsible health unit and as per federal state examination regulations.