Fostering Creativity

Creativity is an innate human ability which allows us to influence and shape our lives. It is the force that helps us to overcome the challenges that life presents us with.

Fostering creativity for more stabilisation:

Unfolding creativity increases overall happiness, flexibility, concentration and one’s ability to act. The process offers new opportunities for personal development and activates inner resources. This generates new experiences that can be integrated into everyday life.

Creativity playfully enhances both relaxation and joie de vivre. The result is increased stabilisation and improved self-esteem.

Experiencing different materials, colours and shapes stimulates and sharpens sensory perception, which, in turn, affects one’s overall behaviour.

Creativity can only unfold through action. Appropriate methods can initiate and encourage creative action and processes.

Many of us have lost the ability to tap into our creative sources. The causes of this, such as disappointment or mental injury, can often be traced far back in time. Techniques for fostering creativity rediscover one’s own creative potential.

At the same time, fostering creativity increases relaxation and activates resources, thus improving overall quality of life.


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