We are all creative and able to express mental images and external impressions in an intuitive and individual way.

Previous artistic experience is not required for this.

As an experienced art therapist, psychotherapist, and trauma therapist, I offer creative support with the process of conflict resolution and overcoming psychological stress in my studio in Munich.

During the confidential first session at my art therapy studio I will spend some time getting to know the client and discussing their needs. The client can absorb the atmosphere of the studio and can also start working creatively should they wish to.

In art therapy we use artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, etc., through which the client can express themselves. This gives the client an opportunity to imaginatively construct new ideas for their path in life.

The fostering of creativity is about activating our artistic forces and creative processes, as well as the associated resources and potential. At the same time this creativity also enhances relaxation and joy in life.

Combining trauma therapy with art therapy and creativity fostering is very successful. The fact that creating art is a nonverbal activity very positively influences the processing of traumas, meaning that even the unspeakable can be expressed.

Brainspotting opens up additional possibilities in art therapy, particularly because the client experiences themselves as an increasingly creative force and because they are the one that is the drive behind their own development. Stressful experiences are worked through during the process, encouraging emotional self-regulation. Brainspotting and art therapy are also useful for overcoming creative blocks and fear in artists, writers, actors and musicians.

Develop movement
Play through experiences
And in a safe space
be brave

Feel secure
Gather ideas
And through expression

Grasp colour
Invent art
And through new possibilities

feel alive

Sandra Holzmann