My Philosophy

Every picture that is created is a snapshot of one’s journey through life. As an art therapist, my job is to help my clients apply and make individualised use of the possibilities that lie in the visualisation of spiritual messages to express and work through mental conditions.

For me, creating art has been an important method of expression and communication ever since I was a child. As a freelance artist, I spend every day exploring the meaning of artistic expression, both through creating my own artwork and through observing others’ work that I come across. I go through life with an “artist’s eye”.

Through my own work, I repeatedly experience how artistic creativity furthers the understanding I have of myself. It also helps me to work through my own experiences in life and to accept and come to terms with them.

If we consider artwork as individual spiritual messages, we open ourselves to new possibilities of finding out more about who we are, which then leads us to new, more healing methods of self-care. During this process we realise how diverse we are as individuals and thus are able to think of new ideas.

During many years of work as an art therapist I have gained and learnt from many experiences. Whilst working in rehabilitation, in refuge shelters in Munich and also whilst creating my own paintings, art therapy and creativity fostering have been constant central themes.